Evita’s 2017 UK Tour led to a West End Revival and added shows to meet the demand of fans. The musical, featuring lyrics by Tim rice and music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, follows the life of Eva Peron. Eva, a political leader, is the second wife of Juan Peron, Argentina president.

The musical follows the life of Evita as she rises, gains power, dabbles in charity and eventually dies.

The original musical was performed in London’s West End in 1976. Derived from the rock opera concept album, the musical went on to win the Best Musical Award and a Tony Award the following year on Broadway. It is the first British musical to win Best Musical at the Tony Awards.

Act I is set in Buenos Aires in 1952 with a film playing. News breaks, the First Lady, Eva Peron, is dead at the age of 33. Public mourning quickly follows. Eva is then shown as a young 15-year-old that lives in Junin and seeks a better life for herself.

Che works through Eva’s life going from humble beginnings to the First Lady of the country.

Eva eventually meets her husband Peron where they rise to power together. Peron shares a secret rendezvous with Eva. The two will move in together where Eva is introduced to high society. Peron decides to run for presidency and the two begin discussing his chances of winning.

Eva backs Peron and together, they fight for a better Argentina.

Act II begins with Peron’s win of the presidency. Eva is seen on the Presidential Palace balcony. Che, who is still telling the story at this time, explains the sacrifice of Eva’s rise to fame as she dances at the Inaugural Ball.

Eva then tours Europe trying to impress world leaders as she dresses in high fashion. She is snubbed by the English, and the Italians feel like her husband is too similar to Benito Mussolini.

Eva wants to become Vice President, her husband’s supporters object, yet he feels that he owes some of his success to his wife. She starts falling ill, she remains supportive of her husband and still wants to become the Vice President.

The story unfolds, ends in tragedy, and she makes her final broadcast before she dies.

It’s a story of a life destined for greatness that ended all too early. Eva’s life is on full display during Evita. The musical is set for shows through 2018.