Restaurants in Manchester

Manchester is home to cuisines from around the world. There are restaurants serving Modern British food, Australian cuisine, Asian and Spanish dishes and more. Each restaurant offers its own unique style and flare to offer delicious food.

The top restaurants in the city include:


Hawksmoor in on Deansgate and is open for lunch and dinner. The staff is top-notch and treats every patron like family when they walk through the door. Food is cooked and served to order with a great selection of cocktails and drinks to pick from.

The steak is a true delight and matches the quality guests expect in the middle of London.

Mackerel, salmon, bone marrow & onions, crab and shrink are all on the list of starters. The restaurant serves Kimchi burgers, Herb-fed chicken, cured ham along with a variety of steak options, extras and sides.

Hawksmoor also includes a bar, express and sharing menu to better accommodate the needs of guests.


Pacific Rim flavors and European cooking tradition are infused at Australasia. The restaurant’s menu is divided in a unique form, with each section offering a dish with many option. A person can choose Sashimi and pick among six different options, including: yellowfin tuna, kingfish, loch duart salmon, scallop and a few other options.

Open from noon to midnight, the restaurant offers a modern interior and reaches its peak time at 8 – 10pm at night.

The restaurant’s menu includes influences from Japanese and Indonesia cuisine with a touch of traditional Australian splattered in, too. Patrons often call this the best restaurant in Manchester, with great drinks and even better food.

Just be cautioned that the menu gets pricey.

Manchester House Restaurant

The Manchester House is a modern British restaurant with contemporary spaces. A touch of industrial details can be found in the space, and it’s a comfortable, clean location known for its great food and impeccable service.

Guests will walk into a classy, high-quality dining experience, with ample drinks and cocktails to pick from.

The restaurant promotes itself as taking cooking to the next level, and this is evident the moment you open the menu, which includes:

Carpet clam with lamb tarter

Poached scallop with braised chicken and horseradish

Poached cod with veloute and crab

Macaroons and madeleines

Guests can choose 2, 3 and 10 course options, which are perfect for larger groups.

This & That

This & That is a must-visit for anyone who loves Indian food. The hospitality is worth the visit, but the great selection of curries and the lack of waiting make this a great choice for anyone in a rush. Guests spend 30 minutes in the restaurant per visit on average.

Fantastic food is served up quickly at an affordable price.

Vegetarian options are available as well as delightful cabbage curry, which is a big hit among regulars. This & That offers daily choices, which include:

Lamb steak

Chicken curry

Lamb & Pumpkin

Mince meat

Liver and kidney

Karai lamb

Lamb biryani

There are also many sundries offered, including plain and garlic naan, seekh kebab, samosa and others.


Authentic Japanese cuisine can be found at Umezushi. The restaurant offers a variety of sashimi, tempura, sake and tasting menus, and sushi options. Guests stay at the restaurant for 2 hours on average, and the soft atmosphere is accompanied by a delightful staff.

The restaurant sources only the finest ingredients, with the menu changing to match the season and ingredient availability.

The tasting menu includes:

Miso soup



Grilled fish

Sashimi includes 9 different seafood choices and is made fresh. There are 13 types of sushi offered as well, including Hamachi, Maguro, Tiger prawn and Homemade tamago to name a few.

La Bandera

La Bandera offers classic Spanish cuisine in a contemporary space. The interior of the venue is bright and airy with yellows and reds along with wooden tables and bright lights. The restaurant is open daily from 12 – 4pm and 5 – 10pm.

Spanish cuisine is the focal point of the menu with numerous tapas and starters to pick from.

Mains are offered, too, with ample Spanish dishes, including:

Bacalao Gratinado

Merluza Rellena

Pollo “Los Adadores”

Chuleton De Buey

There are dozens of mains available, good portion sizes, and affordable prices. The price for two courses is very affordable, and many locals consider this a hidden gem in Manchester.

While the bright and airy interior is great for a business meeting, the lights dim at night to offer the perfect romantic atmosphere for guests.

Arnero Restaurant

Arnero offers a true Indian cuisine with traditional dishes, fresh ingredients and a menu crafted to bring guests through the different regions of India through cooking. Robust flavors are the centerpiece of the menu, with decor and ambiance to match the menu’s robustness.

The menu includes:

Street Food of India: Bhel Poori, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Vada Pav and Tradition Masala Omelette to name a few.


Sizzling kababs

Chicken tikka masala

Achari chicken

Chicken saag

Lamb nihari

And so much more. The staff is welcoming, the food is delicious and the interior is bright.