Monty Python’s Spamalot is here. A brand-new production that promises to be funnier than the black death is bringing Spamalot to the United Kingdom in 2017 and 2018. The production, brought to you by Selladoor Productions and Mercury Theatre, promises a night of laughter, comedy and fun.

A musical comedy that is an adaptation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the hit film from 1976.

The musical is different in many ways to the film, but the comedy remains. The original production hit Broadway in 2005 and won 3 Tony Awards. The original tour was a major success with over 1,500 shows and $175 million in gross revenue.

Audience members will begin the show with a reminder to shut off their cellphones and to enjoy the night. The two-act performance is filed with misfit knights, ferocious Frenchmen and killer rabbits. Oh, and you’ll also see dancing nuns during the musical to complete a cast that is seemingly odd.

King Arthur’s tale unravels as he tries to find the Holy Grail.

Eric Idle wrote the musical. Idle is the best person to add to Monty Python. The comedian and actor is a member of the comedy group Monty Python, and he wrote most of Python by himself. He wrote at his own pace. The musical follows the same great humor that the original film brought to people around the world.

The night begins with the miscommunication of the narrator and actors, which leads to the night’s events. The laughter begins early on, and an early introduction to King Arthur. He travels to a dark village with his servant, Patsy, who is known to clank coconut shells together to make it sound like Arthur is “riding” into town.

Arthur begins on his journey trying to recruit knights and convince others that he is king of England.

He gathers his five Knights in Camelot, which resembles more of a resort than the rustic roundtable that most people associate with King Arthur.

Act II features Sir Robin following King Arthur around in a “dark, expensive” forest. Robin, said to be fearless, encounters the Black Knight fleeing from the scene. Arthur comes into the scene, cutting off the knight’s arms and legs.

The second act is a long one with the entire show lasting for over two hours.

The musical has several songs in each act, including “Knights of the Round Table,’ “Find Your Grail,” “I’m All Alone” and “Twice in Every Show,” among the dozens of songs in the musical performance.