Son of a Preacher Man

Son of a Preacher Man is a classic that audience members will instantly fall in love with. The performance is set in the iconic 1960s, with three broken hearts mended thanks to the help of the owner of the Soho joint.

A local hand-out, kids come to the Soho joint to dance the night away. Those that dare to dream and be loved fill the venue with the legendary Preacher Man guiding lonely hearts back to happiness.

But the time when the Preacher Man helped broken hearts heal is long in the past. Soho joint is no longer filled with vibrant music and kids dancing. Myths and memories are the only thing keeping him alive until now.

Preacher Man’s son falls into an almost magical scenario, where he finds the help of the Cappuccino Sisters. The sisters help the son channel the spirit of his father to help three broken hearts heal.

Three random strangers happened to the site where the original Soho joint stood. All looking for help with their love lives, they span over different generations. The only one that could help them is long gone, but he comes back one last time to help correct the path of broken hearts.

Dusty Springfield’s greatest hits will be on the entire night, with songs including “The Look of Love,” “Spooky” and “Son of a Preacher Man,” to name a few. Funny, touching and sweet, the musical is critically acclaimed and will have the crowd filled with emotions. Audience members will laugh, cry and sing the night away.

Offered on a strictly limited run, it’s one of the best times to see Son of a Preacher man before it leaves the Churchill Theater in Bromley.

Cast members bring the show to life with a brilliant performance by Ian Reddington. Trained at RADA, he is a well-regarded actor that has been seen on Dr. Who, The Queen’s Nose and Outlander, to name a few shows. He has also enjoyed major roles on Eastenders and Coronation.

Diane Vickers first came to light when she made a splash on the X Factor. She has since become a leading actress and an established musician. Her musical style and talents have led to her being in “The Rise and Fall of a Little Voice” and has also been on several shows for the BBC.

Son of a Preacher Man promises to be a performance of a lifetime, leaving fans with an unforgettable night of laughs, tears and music.